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Jane Louise Barclay Author

Soft Whispers - Children's Book

Soft Whispers - Children's Book

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Soft Whispers is 1 of the 6 Australian Native animal series Children's Book by Jane Louise Barclay. This series blends Australian Bush animals in their natural environment with lessons on how to love, and encourages readers to appreciate their special uniqueness. The Australian Native Animal series captures everyday situations where we have an opportunity to choose between love or doing wrong. It builds children's character and helps them to see the consequences of making wrong decisions. In essence, it guides the child along the path towards God's perfect love.

​This series also includes an Australian Native Animal counting task on each page, and towards the end of the book, a pictorial and information segment on the 'life cycle' of this animal, and a section explaining that God created butterflies and all people unique and wonderful. I hope you enjoy my series, and it becomes as close to your heart as it is to mine.

​A special children's book series to be treasured through the generations.

Product Info:

For Children 3 to 7 years


Book size 24cm x 29cm

Picture Book I - 6

Australian Native Animal Series

Kolbie's Adventures

Meet Jane Louise:

Jane Louise is an Australian Accredited:

- Counsellor and Family Therapist (Christian), Adv. Dip. and a member of the Australian Counselling Association.

​- Pilates Practitioner, Certificate IV in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology. Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology (Process).

- ​Nutritionist, Certificate IV in Nutrition, and registered by the Nutrition Council of Australia as a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist, Registration Number 636.

​- Author of Essence of a Beautiful You, for women, Heart of God Cards, for women and Aussie Bush Olympics, for children.

 Jane Louise has also studied a majority of a Bachelor of Psychology, and has studied the Holy Bible in her own time and through Bible College. 


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