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Rose & Australian Pink Clay Organic Bar Soap

Rose & Australian Pink Clay Organic Bar Soap

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100% Natural, Australian Handmade, Vegan Cold Processed Soap, with Organic Ingredients and Pure Essential Oils.

For anyone who loves the gentle smell of roses or reminisces about classic sugar-coated Turkish delight. Although this may not be quite the same as a bouquet of flowers, it will certainly fill your bathroom with a gorgeous rosy scent from our Rose Geranium essential oil blend. The star in this soap, however, is the skin-purifying Australian Pink Clay. It causes this soap to have the softest skin feel when washing - a favourite of people with sensitive or needy skin.

It's great for all skin types. All our soap is cold processed using the highest quality ingredients, which allows the beneficial properties of each to shine through instead of being scorched or replaced by chemicals. Each bar is high in glycerine, which draws and locks moisture into your skin; keeping it moisturised while cleansing the surface, so you're left with soft skin that won't dry out as fast. Use this daily with your favourite body moisturiser to see a transformation in your skin.

Featured Ingredient:

Australian Pink Clay is excellent for balancing sensitive and stressed skin. It is great at assisting hydration, skin firming and refining delicate lines. It is mild purifying clay and helps to improve the overall texture of your skin.

Try this soap alongside one of our Soaking Salts to truly wind down, and finally relax after a long, hard day. We recommend Soothe & Calm or Brighten & Revitalise to go with this soap.

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