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FAITHFUL like Mary Candle

FAITHFUL like Mary Candle

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The Bible is full of powerful Women who did amazing things for Christ and His church. Each women's story is unique and inspiring, and together they form a powerful testament to the strength and courage everywhere. We feel and believe that each candle speaks to the season you are going through or will encourage in the season you are about to walk in-to. This is a beautiful gift to give another Women of Faith.

FAITHFUL like Mary

"From the moment Jesus healed her, Mary Magdalene was so faithful and followed him. Her story is a wonderful reminder that no matter how far we’ve wandered, or how broken or lost we feel we are never outside of Jesus’s reach. He is ready and willing to bring us home. To rescue and restore us.

The story of Mary Magdalene is a picture of faith that we all strive to possess. The kind of faith, that when all hope looks lost we return to our Savior’s feet. When it looks like the end is written in stone we keep showing up. When the ending feels like it’s coming flying towards us like a train on broken tracks we come back to the one who bought us with His blood.

The kind of faith that no storm can shake. The kind of faith that even in the face of disappointment we keep showing up. Why? Because He showed up for us. He found us in the depths and plucked us from the waves."


Scent: Inspired

This fragrance is inviting, fresh, and florally. It has a beautiful touch of water notes, with the delicate florals of lily and carnation, supported by the base notes of musk and amber to deliver a strong and feminine fragrance.

 Fragrance Notes

Top Notes: Melon, Lemon, Green Complex

Mid Notes: Watery, Rose, Muguet, Lotus, Peony, Carnation, Osmanthus, Tuberose

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, Ebony, Amber

Burn Time

Large - approx. 50hrs | 300 grams

Medium - approx. 40 | 280 grams


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