Her Harvest Global Academy

Her Harvest Global Academy launched in 2022 and exists to activate, mentor and mobilise a company of bold and faith-filled women through biblical and practical training to build and launch Kingdom Businesses, Movements and Ministries that will impact the world. These women are being called by God to arise as Kingdom Pioneers, for such a times as this.

We believe every woman has been assigned a particular harvest field, that they are called to impact and influence. These fields are what is known as the 7 Mountains of Influence (or Spheres of Influence) which include Business, Education, Family, Government, Arts & Entertainment, Media and Religion.

Her Harvest Global Academy is not only be a place where women will be activated, mentored and mobilised but we are a community where women belong, to be encouraged and loved on, in their journey to their harvest fields. Our Curriculum includes Classes, Activations and Ministry around Identity, Intimacy, Renewed Mind, Mandate and Destiny, Kingdom Blueprint, and Build and Launch.

We believe we will see God raise up and release a company of labourers into the Harvest Fields, for His glory!

Website: Her Harvest Global Academy

*Applications for 2023 are closed. Applications for 2024 are Open.

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